Wednesday, 27 June 2012

History Of Pattambi

Pattambi is one of the biggest towns in the Palakkad district of the state of Kerala, South India. The place got its name from Batta Nambi. Once under Nedunganad Samanthas of Chera Kings. Later on Zamoothiri Raja annexed this place to his country and kept under the control of Eralpad Raja, the second Raja of Calicut.

Pattambi is well-known for its cultural importance. Situated in the banks of River Bharathappuzha (also known as Nila River),Old Name was Nethirimangalam it is a junction that connects roads from Ottapalam , Perumbilavu and Perinthalmanna.pattambi town is situated at the banks of Nila river. Malayalam is official language.but, Hindi, Tamil, is also understood due to significant number of migrants from other states.English is also used.

The Padinjare Madham Guruvayoorappan Temple (also known as "Pattambi Guruvaayoor") is one of the famous temples in Kerala. The Panthakkal Bagavathy Temple annual festival Mandalathalappoli: In this festival more than 20 elephants are lined up. Sree Kadapparampathu Kavu Bagavathy Temple is one of the famous temples in Kerala. In the Annual festival Kalavela, more than 50 bulls are lined up. Bulls are made by bamboo and grass. In this festival all the bulls are coming from the section kizhayur, pallipuam and ongallur are lined up around the temple. Between 70 to 80 elephants are lined up for the Pattambi Nercha festival which is held in memory of Aloor Valiya Pookunj Koya Thangal, a Muslim saint of South Malabar. People from all corners of the state attend this festival, The town is illuminated, and a pageant replete with traditional musical ensembles like 'Panchavadyam' and 'Thayambaka' parades through the town at night. Various art forms of Kerala are then performed on the banks of the river Bharathappuzha. Even though the festival does not have any Islamic or religious significance, it is still celebrated by the society at large.

Pattambi is the birth place of famous personalities like scholar Punnasseri Nambi Neelakanta Sharma, socialist leader E.P. Gopalan, and local leader Hajee K.P. Assainar Vaidyar. E.M.S. Namboodiripad was elected from Pattambi constituency and became its chief minister. This is also the town from where the famous Kathakali artiste, Guru. Raghavan Teyunni Nair originated and went on to become a famous dancer, choreographer and teacher in Bombay. He was trained in Kathakali at Kottakkal and also in Carnatic music. He had established a dance school in Bombay, called Nritya Bodhini, to impart Bharata Natyam and other Indian classical dances to aspirants in Bombay & Padmasree.malayalam film director Major Ravi hails from pattambi.E.Sreedharan (metro rail) is also hails from pattambi.

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